What is friction ?

Friction > Heat > Wear and Tear > Squeaks.

  • Two moving metal surfaces are in contact, friction occurs. Friction causes heat, wear and tear and squeaks.

How does Qplus reduce friction ?

  • Qplus penetrates in between the metal surfaces, lubricating, smoothing and sealing them to reduce wear and tear of moving parts and ultimately terminates squeaks.

What is rust ?

Iron > Air (Oxygen) + Water > Rust.

  • Rust is caused when iron surfaces are in contact with air (oxygen) and water. Qplus displaces water, laying a coat that protects and prevents rust.

How does Qplus prevent rust ?

  • Qplus displaces water and moisture, laying a coat that protects and prevents rust.

How to protect equipment and parts’ life ?

  • Spray Qplus on to bolts and nuts before tightening. It prevents corrosion and rust, therefore easier to loosen later.

How does Qplus facilitate wet starts and prevent stalling ?

  • Qplus displaces water and moisture contained in distributor cap, ignition cables, coil and plugs from ignition system therefore facilitates wet starts.
  • Spray Qplus onto ignition system to prevent stalling during rainy days or when your car runs into a puddle of water.

What is penetrating oil ?

  • Oils or solvents that seep into the rusted surfaces to loosen rust thus enables to unlock or unscrew bolts and nuts.