1.Protects and penetrates awnings.

2.Free sticky window frame.

3.Lubricates sewing machine.

4.Lubricates squeaky chairs.

5.Lubricates locks and doorknobs.

6.Keeps toys in working condition.

7.Prevents rust on gardening tools.

8.Keeps bicycle in good condition.

9.Many uses for car.

10.Protects and lubricates lawn mover.

11.Tools maintenance.

12.Lubricates wheelbarrow and prevents rust.

13.Free sticky drawers.

14.Cleans and protects golf sets.

15.Prevents rust on grills.

16.Smoothen sliding doors.

17.Stops squeaks.

18.Smoothen sliding windows.

19.Smoothen curtain railing.

20.Lubricates door hinges.