QP810 E-DEGREASER (Multi Degreaser)

Q Plus QP810 E – Degreaser is a non solvent, non corrosive, non flammable ready to use multi degreaser. QP 810 is designed to be biodegradable, environmentally safe and contains powerful, water soluble cleaner and grease dissolving agents and detergents for instant cleaning action.


Spray directly and allow QP810 to act on the grime, oil and grease. Scrub with brush as required. Wash residue with water. For dismantle parts, soak parts in a container and clean with a brush. Rinse parts with water. Spray QP912 or QP913 Chain Lube to lubricate, protect parts or chains.

For engine displace moisture with QP010 The Squeaks Terminator.

To Clean Floor or hard surface, spray directly and wipe with mop or cloth. Rinse with water.


  • Harmful or fatal if swallow.
  • Keep out of reach of children.